Farm House

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Farmhouse-style decor celebrates the rustic, romantic styles of days past. By combining our hardy staple pieces with light, modern elements, farmhouse design evokes imagery of a country cottage or rural homestead, with a modern twist even city-dwellers can enjoy. Distressed wood, shabby-chic wall art, and the combination of antique staples with modern conveniences are the keys to creating your own idyllic escape. Farmhouse decor starts with oversized, practical furniture, then balances out the look with delicate accents with bright, earthy, clean colors. Today, practical pieces that still maintain an air of sophistication are the key to creating a country-inspired look. Pair an oversized farmhouse dining table or a farmhouse dining set for your dining room. For an instant living room makeover, add a farmhouse storage cabinet or a barn door end table to round out the space.

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